About Muhammad Izz Al-Fateh


  • Male
  • Malaysian
  • Muslim
  • Youtuber
  • Student
  • Sabahan
  • Quiet in real life
  • Shy
  • Gamer
  • Serious
  • Friendly when you get to know me
  • Active in social medias like Wechat,Whatsapp and also Facebook
  • A natural leader
  • A Brother to a sister
  • Mostly active indoors than outdoors
  • Loves singing
  • Loves writing
  • Loves giving out ideas
  • Loves eating
  • Loves you (Cia cia cia) Hahaha joking
  • Usually spends time alone
  • Likes to be alone but hate the feeling of loneliness


  • Called Captain Frost Wolf or CFW for short
  • Joined youtube since 2012 or 2013
  • Started making videos since 2015
  • Categorised in entertainment
  • I mostly do videos on military,war, First Person Shooting (FPS) and Real Time Strategy (RTS) games
  • Rarely uploads videos now and then because the time is not enough and there is no one to record with


  • To my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKZ-7XYmNFrBxlquYu0pAgA

 I tried blogging with the encouragement by my father. I have ideas sometimes to type but it always fade away. I blog about my experiences with anything. Travel experiences mostly about the cities I visit and the cultures of the countries that I visit mostly in my point of view. Please leave a comment if there is anything wrong and offensive. My apologies if there are any. Forgive me if I type and post in Malay. It is because that some words in Malay that I cannot translate into English.

Tulis dari hati, dan hati juga yang akan terasa dan menghayati. Syukran kerana sudi membaca blog saya walaupun saya taklah beberapa mahir. Saya merupakan admin yang mengurus blog Remaja Al-Fateh dan secara rasmi  mempermanentkan nama blog ini walaupun tak terkenal lagi (Hahaha). Terdapat juga beberapa orang penulis lain dalam blog ini yang merupakan sahabat saya juga. Saya mula blogging bulan Disember tahun 2015.

~Muhammad Izz Al-Fateh

Nama sebenar ialah Mirza Izzuan tetapi nama pena ialah Muhammad Izz Al-Fateh kerana idolaku selepas Nabi Muhammad ialah Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh.


My real name is actually Mirza Izzuan but the name that I am using for this blog is Muhammad Izz Al-Fateh because my idol after the Prophet Muhammad is Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh.



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