No one wants to feel alone but some people tends to be alone. It’s peaceful and quiet yet boring as it sounds especially if you’re the friendly type or the talkative type of person. Some people who likes silence would enjoy being alone doing what they want to do like reading books or sing or playing games or anything.

It’s normal to be alone and feel lonely but there’s this one feeling. It feels like you’ve been awoken after talking to much and laughing and you realized, “What am I doing? Why do I feel empty?” Those feelings and question are hard to explain but it’s there in us or it’s just me.

People who tend to be alone are more likely secretive and they stress out their privacy but they are mostly kind and friendly though they’re also most likely quiet and needed to be approach first. In addition, some people who wants to be alone is because they’re tired of other people. They’re tired of being judged or accused of something or just tired of their friend’s behavior.

Feeling alone is when you don’t have anyone by your side or any contacts or simply a friend. It’s like your whole world is in total silence. No one wants that. I believe being alone is what some prefers to be because it’s peaceful and you have total privacy and you can think about your life, your problems, your future, whatever is in your mind. But you still have someone to talk to except not in reality but by the internet. That’s what social media is for anyways, right?

Sometimes, you would feel socially awkward and like you’ve got no point in life. No. You’re wrong. There’s always a purpose in life even when you feel alone. You can do things and even amazing things when you’re alone. You can work out on your talent. For example, dancing, cooking, drawing if you want to be an artist or an architect. You can surprise the world but I’ll just say you can surprise your own family and friends first because they’re the closest.

So, being alone is not fun but it’s a way to enhance your talents by yourself. Sort of because you can always seek help. Being alone and feeling lonely can’t stop you from achieving what you want. You can train and practice and then surprise everyone with your talents.

I’m not really great about explaining stuffs but hope I just hope you get the point.


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