Hanging Out As A Teen


Hanging out as a teen are very common these days. It is because of their wants to go out with friends and explore the world. But for a start, most teenagers would go to malls or their friend’s home. They’ll spend time together having some fun than they used to have with families. It’s no joke. I have experienced it. As a process of growing up, teenagers will have more demands. Example; Going out with friends,game session with a friend or more or they’ll just make a study group. This is the goodness of hanging out.

The cons of hanging out is, some teenagers would do something wasteful like smoking or just hanging out without a reason or just simply wasting their time on nothing. Most of them would just stay at home while ignoring other people while being on their social devices for hours or even a day. It would be good if they helped with household chores though they’re distracted by their own devices.

“Life should not be wasted that easily.” That’s what I would say. Teenagers. We’re young and we like to explore more but we hate studying even when we need to. But we will study when we have to. Unfortunately, even study groups can turn out into chatting groups.

Although hanging out is very common, we must take note on who we are going out with. It will affect ourselves by all means.


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