A family vacation escape in Bali


We arrived just after a rainstorm. Probably a medium rainstorm. I was impressed when we landed. Their airport is very nice. We took 3 hours of flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali. Malaysia to Indonesia.

First day

On the first day on our arrival, we went on to the hotel first. But before that we just went to eat since we arrived evening.

Second day

On the second day, we went to a coffee plantation (I think that’s how you say it?). Then we went to Mount. Batur. An active volcano which last erupted during the 90’s. If you go there, you could see a wide area of lava traces. Then we went to a huge park. In the park, we visited a bamboo garden and we played a game in the park. All I remember is that flying fox.

Third day

We went to the beaches and we rode a banana boat?(LOL). And we also did parasailing. Which was pretty amazing somehow. Except for the speed boat which I very dislike speed. A very beautiful beach we visited is the Pandawa Beach. There is also a Kecak & Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple that you must visit.

Fourth day

Surprisingly, I was invited by my cousins to go swimming at Waterbom water park.(I guess it was a park). After swimming and having fun, we went to Malioboro restaurant. They serve boneless chicken and ducks there. Very delicious! Then we go shopping on a mall in front of the water park.

Last day

We checked out of the hotel at noon. Then we went to buy oleh2, means souveniers(Is that how you spell it?). Then we go to the mall in front of the water park that I mentioned while waiting for out flight back to Kuala Lumpur. The mall was surprisingly near a beach.And there’s also a hotel beside the mall and facing the beach. Then we head to the airport and waited an hour or two. And finally, we fly back home. Do visit Bali,Indonesia if you want a relaxing vacation from all that work or a year at school (LOL). But, make sure you bring your swimsuit because it’s all about swimming there. Or tracksuit, hiking stuffs if you want to go play Flying fox or climb Mount.Batur.


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