Making a simple Blog

How to make a Blog?

It is very easy to make a blog.

  1. Search the web for ideas.
  2. You must have an excellent grammar in the type of language you’re using.
  3. You will need a lot of imagination to figure out on what to do. 
  4. Find some inspiration to get ideas like watching a video,reading a book. But! The most obvious way is to read other bloggers blog.
  5. Try making your blog clean and use simple words.
  6. Evade typos because it’ll ruin the reading experience.
  7. Make sure what you type is connected to the title that you have in mind.
  8. Don’t get carried away because the title and the blog might not make any sense..

How to make it interesting.

  • Proper grammar.
  • Proper language.
  • Use your imagination to add a little fun in your blog.
  • Try making a story type blog.

Types of blogs.

  1. The news post.
  2. The instructional post.
  3. The personal spotlight post.
  4. The cheat sheet post.
  5. The media post.
  6. The entertaining post.


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